The Story

Pixel Wars - an adventure MMORPG for mobile devices that takes place in a fantasy cubical world. Using a vast system of portals, you can explore all the edges of the Sacred Cube, fight for your life against monsters and warriors of other nations, collect resources from dungeons, and protect the world against an evil race of World Eaters. After a hard day of fighting and action, return home in peace to develop your own estate.

Aesthetic Voxel Style

Awesome visual effects compliment the cartoon/voxel visual style, resulting in a unique landscape of colorful designs and spectacular effects.

Excellent Performance

We wanted to deliver the best quality game in the mobile platforms, but we also made sure game performance did not suffer.


Pixel Wars combined awesome graphics, unparalleled performance, and full-scale MMORPG features, then innovatively brought all of it to your mobile device.


Although Pixel Wars is a mobile game, we didn't let that stop us from delivering extensive content. Previous mobile games had to sacrifice many MMORPG features in order to be compatible for mobile device requirements, but we used the latest technology to develop a full-scale MMORPG that can run even on out-of-date phones. Here are just a few of the unique features found in the game:

Individual Estate Development

Build your own home the way you like, whether it is a castle or a farm, and continue to develop it through evolution points.

Dynamic Events

Amidst the PvP and PvM, players still have the opportunity to work together against a common world evil. The outcome of these events affects the entire world.

No Level System

Tired of boring level-ups? In Pixel Wars you work on development and evolution, rather than the repetitive leveling.

Massively Multiplayer

Battle up to 100 characters on your mobile screen! Our ambitious goal was to bring true massively multiplayer content to your mobile device.

Object Creation

Locations and dungeons across the Sacred Cube world are automatically recreated with destructible objects.

Let's Make Awesomeness

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